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Peak Performance Training – Getting the Most Out of Online Instruction

Remember those glorious days before the Covid-19 pandemic, when life felt normal? Remember how we all sat side-by-side at EverRest’s beautiful Montgomery, AL, facility for Peak Performance training and relaxed to talk shop afterward? Those[…]

5 Confidence Boosters Your Team Needs Right Now

Do you have employees who want to succeed but seem full of doubt, insecurities and indecision? Are they bringing down the workplace mood?  Low self-confidence is not only bad for morale but also for business. […]

Upcoming Events

Goodman Technical Training is pleased to invite all Dealers and Distributors to the following technical webinars for September 2021. These webinars will be 120-minute specific equipment presentations. We are confident all selected webinars will provide[…]

New Hire Search Gone Wrong

If you’re reading this you know that applicants are hard to come by these days, whether you’re looking for HVAC technicians, installers, or sales team members. I have a new client that owns an HVAC[…]

HVAC Companies Avoiding the Summer Rush

Most HVAC companies see the blazing heat of June, July and August as their cash cow – a time of year when frantic homeowners gladly open their checkbooks for much-needed HVAC repairs, tune-ups and replacements. […]

HVAC Dispatchers: The Unsung Heroes of Your Office. Best Practices for Hiring and Retaining a Great Dispatcher.

When your company follows The EverRest Group’s proven methods, your technicians are in 4 to 5 homes a day, running Lead Generation Tasks during all calls.  Behind the scenes, your dispatcher works as a master[…]

First Impressions: The Most Important 7 Seconds of Your Day

From the moment you meet someone new, there’s no turning back. In an instant, your hair style, clothing choices and facial expressions speak volumes. Your first impression is set in stone.  Studies show that you[…]

Say Goodbye to the HVAC Rollercoaster Ride

Before you were an EverRest Group client, your HVAC business may have felt like a rollercoaster ride – lots of financial ups and downs. During the steady climb of the peak months, your business flourished[…]

The Right Words (and Actions) Matter: Tips for Talking to Customers

In HVAC training programs, aspiring technicians learn industry jargon, technical lingo and trade terminology. They graduate from HVAC programs with the technical knowledge to tackle the most complicated system problems.  What they may not learn[…]

Happy New Year: Making 2021 The Best Yet

COVID. Lockdowns. Murder hornets. Riots. UFOs. Tiger King. Politics. Mystery seeds. Wildfires. Toilet paper. Hurricanes.  Phew. A year like no other is over.  With 2020 in the rearview mirror, many of us are looking forward[…]

What Do Your HVAC Customers Want? (Hint: The Answer is Easier Than You Think)

Ask four HVAC business owners what customers want from their HVAC service company and you’ll likely get four different answers.  One might say customers want fair pricing, another could argue technician experience, the third may[…]

Keeping Your Company and Your Employees Safe from Workplace Hazards

One HVAC technician suffered fatal injuries when he fell through a skylight, another was electrocuted as he prepared wiring for an air handler and another still died while working in an attic that reached well[…]