There’s No I in Team: Improving Company Teamwork and Collaboration

HVAC business owners know technicians need specific tools to run EverRest service calls. But many business owners overlook what may be the most essential tool available – company-wide teamwork and collaboration.

Running the EverRest method depends on the whole company working together for a common goal. From the moment a customer books a service call, your team needs to join forces to win new business. So many times, however, teamwork is easier said than done. When your team falls apart, you need to uncover the reasons. Most businesses fall into at least one of the following categories:

  • Inadequate leadership
    Leaders set team goals, provide positive reinforcement, hold members accountable, set clear standards and keep the group focused. When any of those things don’t happen, the team falls apart.
  • Disruptive employees
    All it takes is one difficult person to bring down an entire team. Things like gossip, bullying and general incivility will make your good employees want to leave. Set a zero-tolerance policy for the behaviors.
  • Substandard communication 
    Poor communication can cause a cascade of problems, including low morale, staff conflicts and employee turnover. Consider holding weekly staff meetings. If that’s not possible, make sure employees are in contact through instant messaging, email or team communication apps.
  • Excessive turnover
    Significant employee turnover disrupts the workflow and hinders any bonds your team can create. If your company has a rotating door of employees, start exploring why people want to leave. There’s a reason.
  • Team conflicts
    Who wants to be part of a team that’s constantly bickering and backbiting? No one. Consider the dynamics of individual personalities when creating work schedules. Encourage open communication, flexibility and trust among employees.
  • Poorly defined goals
    Employees need to know what’s expected of them and what the results should be – a roadmap of sorts. Without clear objectives and goals, employees will not have the clarity they need, which will cause stress and strife.

To encourage a peaceful and productive workplace, business owners and managers should help employees build important skills, such as:

  • Open-mindedness
    Teamwork depends on being open to new ideas and information. To promote an open-minded work environment, encourage candid communication and patience.
  • Decision making
    Sometimes quick decisions are a must. Team members should listen to everyone’s ideas and decide the best way to proceed.
  • Problem-solving
    While individual problem solving is important, employees should also be able to collaborate for solutions that can help everyone.
  • Growth mindset
    Using a growth mindset, employees see problems as a chance to learn, change and improve. Teams that use a growth mindset use individual past experiences to drive group productivity.

HVAC business owners using the EverRest method should also provide ample learning opportunities so employees can better understand their ultimate goals and objectives. The EverRest Group offers options for companies seeking more training:

  • Peak Performance events at EverRest’s Peak Performance Training Center in Montgomery, Ala., offer a wide range of information on topics that include HVAC company growth and executing the sales process. 
  • EverRest’s new Express Success program is designed for HVAC companies that need more customized services. Express Success members get exclusive access to a Business Advisor who supports business goals, planning and strategy, among other things.  

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