HVAC Companies Operating in a Virtual World

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that the virtual world is very much a reality. Things that were once a novelty, like online concerts, e-learning and telehealth, have become the norm and are here to stay. Since the start of the pandemic, the HVAC industry has also embraced the digital environment. 

While the HVAC industry has been online in some ways for decades, technological advances coupled with the urgency of the pandemic have expanded its uses. 

Take, for example, online HVAC schooling. HVAC students have enjoyed the convenience of online learning since the earliest days of the internet, but the hands-on aspect of HVAC training was impossible to achieve virtually early on. 

Today, HVAC education has been coupled with virtual reality, so students have access to realistic training. Of course, nothing beats tinkering with the real thing, but virtual reality has helped advance much-needed skills. 

Improvements in digital HVAC options aren’t limited to just training and education. Consider other ways the HVAC industry has embraced the virtual world (Maybe they’ll work at your HVAC company):

  • Virtual receptionist
    Virtual receptionists can answer customer questions, scheduling, data entry, billing, invoicing, lead generation calls and other office tasks. Some virtual receptionist companies use artificial intelligence for the work, while others use people who offer a more personalized experience for the caller.  Virtual receptionist companies also offer after-hours answering and live transfers to a company representative. 
  • Virtual office
    A brick-and-mortar business location is important for company visibility, employee relations and competitive purposes, but a virtual office can be helpful. HVAC companies that use a home address as a business site or companies looking to expand in other areas without renting property have found virtual offices useful and cost-effective.
  • Virtual showroom
    Large HVAC manufacturers have been using virtual showrooms to showcase their products. There’s no reason why a virtual showroom wouldn’t work on a smaller scale. In a virtual showroom, customers can view various HVAC products and see what they’d look like on their property. Some virtual showrooms also have a chat feature to speak directly to a company representative. 

Another digital option that became popular recently was virtual HVAC service calls. Some companies are using video chats to speak with the customer and determine the problem with the HVAC unit. 

For companies using the EverRest method, virtual service calls won’t work. The EverRest model depends on the technician’s ability to do several things:

  • Work hands-on with the problematic unit 
    When technicians use EverRest methods to inspect HVAC units, they must implement a multi-step, detailed review.  By being hands-on with the unit, technicians can closely examine each element of the Lead Generation Tasks and Mandatory and Secondary Lead Conditions.
  • Have face-to-face customer interactions 
    Carrying out EverRest methods also depends on developing customer relationships. Face-to-face interactions between technicians, supervisors and customers help develop relationships, avoid misunderstandings and build trust. Customers need to feel confident in the suggestions the technicians and supervisors provide.
  • Follow through on the 5 Critical Components for Success
    The EverRest Group’s Peak Performance Program utilizes the 5 Critical Components of Success to deliver 20% net profits. As a reminder:
  1. Aim for a mix of 80% replacement sales and 20% service call sales.
  2. Use Lead Generation Tasks and Mandatory and Secondary Lead Conditions on every call.
  3. Schedule technicians to visit 4 to 5 homes a day.
  4. Maximize the replacement gross margins to generate 20% net profits.
  5. Operate with a strong sense of urgency.

While The EverRest Group doesn’t encourage virtual sales calls, we have partnered with several groups that use online technology to make running a successful HVAC company easier. Here are just a few:

  • GoodLeap
    The GoodLeap platform makes customer financing a snap with simple point-of-sale technology
  • Interplay Learning
    Interplay Learning delivers scalable digital training simulations for HVAC and other trades. 

And, of course, EverRest offers its own online options that make learning the program simple and worry-free, including a mobile site, webinars and online training opportunities. 

Are you having trouble implementing the EverRest methods? Do you think your technicians just don’t get it? Do you want to earn more and work less? Our Express Success program gives you the tools to create an organizational culture focused on achievement. Read more here.