Making EverRest Training Work for You and Your Company

Do you want to know how to start a call center? Or what a meaningful company culture can do for your business? Or how to maximize your replacement leads and sales? The EverRest Group has training for that!

For years, HVAC company owners, managers and technicians have depended on The EverRest Group’s training programs to learn how to implement the method. Whether online or in-person, the complimentary training has provided invaluable information for scores of HVAC companies.

EverRest offers training sessions that are convenient for all schedules and can be completed from the comfort of your computer or the luxury of our Peak Performance Training Center in Montgomery, Ala. 

The choice is yours:

  • Online training

    Great for: In-office training sessions, individual instruction, staff refresher programs
    Why do it: EverRest’s extensive online library of training courses covers just about everything an HVAC business owner could want. EverRest offers two online options:

    • Training On-Demand includes videos, documents and slideshows for self-paced learning. The videos demonstrate some of the more common customer interactions and showcase the best answers to questions. The slideshows and documents provide talking points for staff training and coaching sessions.  
    • Webinar videosshowcase information crucial to the EverRest process, taking the learner through EverRest’s 20% Net Profit and Technician Lead and Sales Generation programs. Each of the videos serves as handy reminders to information learned during in-person training. 
  • In-person training 

    Great for: Face-to-face learning with EverRest leaders, meeting like-minded HVAC professionals, enjoying time to unwind 
    Why do it: EverRest’s in-person training offers an unparalleled learning experience in a distraction-free environment. HVAC company owners, managers and technicians receive direct support from the experts. After the instruction, attendees relax with big-screen TVs, fireplaces and lounge areas, a saloon-style bar and custom ping pong and pool tables at the ready. Of course, there’s plenty of food and drinks. 

EverRest offers two classes:

  • How To Build the Ultimate 20% Net Profit HVAC Company
    HVAC company owners and principals who want to get off the seasonal rollercoaster and learn how to reach 20% profits year-round must attend this workshop. Our experts teach the ins and outs of the EverRest method and provide solid information for getting started and following through.
  • How to Maximize Your Replacement Leads & Sales
    Technicians and salespeople are on the frontlines of the EverRest method, so they need to learn how to implement the process correctly. This workshop covers everything they need to know to close replacement sales, including reducing selling times, performing lead generation tasks and overcoming sales objections. 

In addition, EverRest is offering a workshop that highlights the company’s newest program, Express Success.  During this in-person event at the Peak Performance Training Center, owners and managers will enjoy cocktails and learn what Express Success does for HVAC companies. 

Ultimately, HVAC company owners, managers, technicians and supervisors who attend training – no matter which platform or course chosen – will leave with a greater understanding of the EverRest process. 

Want to know more about the EverRest method, training courses or anything else EverRest? Contact us now.