Why Community Involvement Matters to Your HVAC Company

When HVAC company owners want to promote their business, they usually turn to conventional methods, such as radio spots or direct mailers. But one of the most effective forms of marketing is often overlooked: community outreach.

Charitable giving demonstrates a company’s commitment to the community and builds goodwill locally. Through outreach, HVAC companies can connect with the local community to provide much-needed services and get publicity at the same time. 

For companies using the EverRest method, community outreach can also provide inroads to new clients and foster customer loyalty. These companies are visible in the community and build meaningful relationships to boost brand awareness.

When launching a community outreach program, HVAC companies should consider their strategy.

1. Choose the cause carefully

Will the company raise money or donate parts and labor? Will the company support one charitable organization or several? To be successful, HVAC companies need to focus their efforts on careful planning and execution. 

The first step in choosing a cause is to look at the company’s budget. Determine how much the company can afford to donate. If financial support isn’t an option, consider donating materials for a job or allowing employees to volunteer during the workweek.

From there, research local charities to identify the needs and ask employees for their suggestions. Verify the organization’s 501(c)(3) nonprofit status and develop a plan. 

2. Encourage top-down participation

Form a committee to head up the volunteer opportunity. Post signs in the office to stir-up excitement. Host company lunches or snack breaks to create buzz about the program. Get everyone in the company involved.

3. Let the community know

Use the company’s website, social media channels and in-office signage to highlight charitable giving. Display the company’s name on sponsorship T-shirts or banners. Distribute ad-free materials that spotlight the company’s work. 

4. Start small

No need to launch the community outreach program with an overwhelming project. Start with a manageable project, such as:

  • Sponsoring a local sports team or school event
  • Donating unused materials, equipment or supplies
  • Starting an internship program
  • Creating holiday care boxes
  • Sharing your expertise in a public forum

Ultimately, charitable giving boosts name recognition and brand awareness which is helpful for companies using the EverRest method. The charity work provides inroads to customers who otherwise might have chosen another HVAC company. It helps companies reach EverRest’s 5 Critical Components for Success, as follows:

  1. Aim for a sales ratio of 80% equipment replacements and 20% service calls.
  2. Utilize Lead Generation Tasks, Secondary Lead Conditions and Mandatory Lead Conditions on every call.
  3. Position technicians in 4 to 5 homes a day regardless of the weather.
  4. Maximize replacement gross margins and closing rates.
  5. Operate with urgency every day.

Remember, all companies using the EverRest method have exclusive access to information that will guide them through the path to success, including live training, training on-demand and webinar videos. Contact us now to learn more ways EverRest helps.