“Make Your Own Weather” – What Does That Mean?

We count on meteorologists to provide insight into the weather, but why do so many HVAC company owners also let them run their businesses? When weather forecasters say the temperatures will be mild, some HVAC companies assume work will come to a screeching halt. 

HVAC companies have long stuck to the idea that heating and cooling is a seasonal business with slow and busy times. In developing its program, The EverRest Group rejected the notion. EverRest has shown clients that seasons have no correlation to success. We believe success is earned through hard work, determination and focus, regardless of the season. 

EverRest’s maxim “Make Your Own Weather” has become the foundation of our method. We see every season as an earning opportunity and a chance to build your business. When technicians and salespeople are continually in homes, they are converting tune-ups and repairs to replacement sales. 

To correctly work the EverRest program, your technicians and sales teams must be able to provide homeowners with enough information, so they won’t want to price shop. To maximize the opportunity for replacement leads (and make your own weather), follow our 3-Legged Stool Principle:

1. Ensure every technician at your company is on the same page 

Before hiring new technicians, make sure they are up for the task. It’s not enough to make repairs and move on to the next home. All technicians and salespeople should understand that lead generation is vital to their job. They must be willing and able to generate replacement leads. 

2. Provide the tools for success

After years of first-hand research, The EverRest Group has developed a winning strategy to earn business. We have easy-to-use methods that allow all technicians to generate leads. All HVAC business owners need to do is ensure their employees know the techniques and how to use them. EverRest offers online and in-person training programs that give technicians the chance to learn in a group setting. For a one-on-one experience, EverRest’s concierge service, Express Success, provides training experiences for individual companies that are struggling with the process. The EverRest Group has also compiled a list of tools necessary to carry out the process. 

3. Use motivation

Sometimes technicians need a little extra incentive to get the job done. Some of the best incentives include additional days off, gift cards or cash. Since technician-generated leads are the least price-sensitive leads, we recommend paying technicians 3% of the sales price for generating and closing a lead.  

Once inside homes, HVAC technicians should follow steps outlined by the EverRest method:

  • Use Lead Generator Tasks on every call

    At every call (service, tune-up or repair), inspect units for problems that will ultimately lead to more issues, including: 

    • Coils that are damaged by excessive leaks
    • Heat exchanger cracks and fume emissions
    • Compressor damage
    • Motor damage
    • Air duct leaks or mold
  • Check for Mandatory Lead Conditions

    A complete inspection may reveal other relevant problems such as:
    • Evaporator, condenser coils or coil pan leaks
    • Heat exchanger or faceplate cracks
    • Grounded compressors
    • Substandard (red) compressor megohmmeter readings
    • Air handler or supply duct mold
    • Customer complaints about system performance or operating cost
  • Inspect for Secondary Lead Conditions

    While some units may not have problems that meet the standards for mandatory lead conditions, they may meet secondary lead conditions, including:

    • Rusted and damaged coil pans, heat exchangers and coils
    • Poor (yellow) compressor megohmmeter readings
    • Oil leaks and faulty bearings
    • Numerous minor repairs

Do you or your team members need help making your own weather? The EverRest Group offers in-person training events for owners and technicians to learn the process better. Also, EverRest’s new Express Success program helps HVAC companies take back control of their earnings through personalized guidance and training.  Learn more now.