The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth

The value of telling the truth in the HVAC industry From as young as age 2, we tell lies.  Early on, they’re usually harmless — “Dad said it’s ok for me to eat cake before[…]

Handling Customers Who Are Hot (Under the Collar)

My Air Conditioner’s Broken. How Fast Can You Get Here? Your customers don’t care how busy, short-staffed or overworked you are. When they’re hot, they just want their HVAC systems fixed. NOW! This is when[…]

“Make Your Own Weather” – What Does That Mean?

We count on meteorologists to provide insight into the weather, but why do so many HVAC company owners also let them run their businesses? When weather forecasters say the temperatures will be mild, some HVAC[…]

Selling to the Next Generation of Homeowners

Hard to believe it, but Gen Z – the generation that popularized TikTok and Insta-fame – is starting to harness power in the home-buying market. With the oldest Gen Zers reaching their mid-20s, it’s time[…]

Breathe Deep: Let’s Talk Air Quality

Question: What do gas stoves, newly installed carpets and your dog have in common? Answer: They can all cause poor indoor air quality (IAQ). Long before the Covid pandemic, homeowners were concerned about the link[…]

Top 5 Ways to Lose Customers (And the Solutions for Bringing Them Back)

Ever wonder how people initially choose an HVAC company and become repeat customers? Wonder why your company isn’t getting glowing endorsements on social media? Curious about why other companies have a robust local following? Customer[…]

Maintenance Agreements – A Win-Win for Everyone

Smart HVAC business owners know maintenance agreements are beneficial for both the company and its clients. For HVAC companies, maintenance agreements provide a more substantial customer base.  For homeowners, they reduce the worry that comes[…]

First Impressions: The Most Important 7 Seconds of Your Day

From the moment you meet someone new, there’s no turning back. In an instant, your hair style, clothing choices and facial expressions speak volumes. Your first impression is set in stone.  Studies show that you[…]

The Right Words (and Actions) Matter: Tips for Talking to Customers

In HVAC training programs, aspiring technicians learn industry jargon, technical lingo and trade terminology. They graduate from HVAC programs with the technical knowledge to tackle the most complicated system problems.  What they may not learn[…]

What Do Your HVAC Customers Want? (Hint: The Answer is Easier Than You Think)

Ask four HVAC business owners what customers want from their HVAC service company and you’ll likely get four different answers.  One might say customers want fair pricing, another could argue technician experience, the third may[…]

Demonstrating Honesty and Integrity – Doing the Right Thing Every Day

Imagine this: You’re called to a customer’s home because the HVAC system isn’t blowing at maximum capacity. After troubleshooting, you realize the fix is simple – a replacement air filter. For some HVAC professionals, the[…]

Serve Your Homeowner Better

Serve Your Homeowner Better Why make your homeowners wait days or even weeks for a repair or replacement? By improving your sales and service cycle, you’ll have a satisfied customer for life. Hear what this[…]