Express Success – Moving in the Right Direction

Are your employees struggling to find their EverRest groove? Have your sales numbers taken a nosedive? Does your company need some extra oomph?

Introducing Express Success – the EverRest Group’s launchpad to more replacement sales, better profits and less stress. The program provides one-on-one personalized service to identify problem areas in individual companies and includes resources such as on-site training, dedicated business advisors and daily monitoring.

Express Success is designed for HVAC businesses that can’t keep pace with the EverRest methods, Hans Luquire, EverRest Group and Express Success president and founder, said. The goal is to help HVAC businesses get back on track to see 80% to 85% replacement sales consistently. 

“There is nothing else like this in the HVAC industry,” Luquire said. “You get our team of professionals working daily to help you build your company for you.”

Indeed, the Express Success team turns HVAC companies into sales- and profit-generating machines. The Express Success advantages include:

  • A personalized business team dedicated to your company

For decades, The EverRest Group has been training HVAC companies to successfully implement the process. However, some companies find it more challenging to carry out and sustain the methods. That’s where your business advisors step in. 

From day one with Express Success, your company is assigned a team of EverRest experts to analyze your work processes and company needs. From there, the Express Success team will speak with employees, both individually and as a group, to pinpoint any deficits. 

After a comprehensive review of your company, your business advisors will clarify the EverRest process as needed to reduce errors, track employee progress and fine-tune techniques.

  • On-site visits, remote tracking and daily support

Our Express Success team utilizes various methods to boost your company, including: 

  • On-site visits that allow us to meet face-to-face with company owners, managers and staff. Through the on-site visits, we demonstrate techniques and correct missteps that plague progress.
  • Remote tracking to make immediate adjustments that will positively impact the bottom line. We can see where changes are needed and help implement them. 
  • Daily support to answer questions that are specific to your company’s needs. With the support, companies help employees carry out EverRest techniques. 
  • Decades of experience

With more than 35 years of experience in HVAC, The EverRest Group understands the industry. We have a dedicated group of HVAC professionals whose primary goal is your success. They know the pitfalls in the business and places where many companies stumble. They come to your business with a fresh perspective and institutional knowledge to provide new insights and ideas. 

The EverRest Group doesn’t just preach 20% net profits — the company lives it. For years, we’ve posted monthly performance data from Hans Heating and Air that showcases the program’s success. The data shows how the EverRest method brings together financial profitability and business integrity. We never want any HVAC business to sacrifice its reputation to make a buck.

In addition, Express Success gives HVAC company owners peace of mind knowing employees are working to their highest potential. The program also improves company morale by uniting employees towards a common goal. Employees will feel proud to use the EverRest method, knowing they’re well-trained, well-paid and respected for the services they provide.

See what Express Success can do for your company and contact us today for more information.