Selling to the Next Generation of Homeowners

Hard to believe it, but Gen Z – the generation that popularized TikTok and Insta-fame – is starting to harness power in the home-buying market. With the oldest Gen Zers reaching their mid-20s, it’s time for business owners, including HVAC companies, to consider the new and different expectations. Selling to Gen Zers will be different than selling to millennials or Gen Xers.

While the Zoomers currently have a small (2%) share of the housing market, the group is expected to outnumber the millennial population, driving their buying power even higher. Today, millennials, roughly aged 25 to 40, represent the largest proportion (37%) of home buyers, followed by Baby Boomers (age 56 to 74) at 32% and Gen X (age 41 to 55) at 24%.

The slow and steady movement of Gen Z, who are loosely age 6 through 24, means HVAC companies have time to consider what matters most. But don’t wait too long. The Gen Z HVAC buyer is right around the corner. 

Here’s some of what they expect: 

  • Digital connectivity in the home

As true digital natives, Zoomers have never known a world without the internet, instant connectivity and smart devices. They expect it in their home, including the HVAC systems, for convenience, cost savings, safety and security. 

Today, digital connectivity in HVAC is more than just smart thermostats. One of EverRest’s partner companies, Goodman Air Conditioning & Heating, collaborated with Google to offer Nest E + Goodman. The tech works with Goodman HVAC systems to provide monitoring alerts and monthly system performance reports, among other things.

  • A digital-first marketing experience

Gen Z grew up internet shopping, so they have a different level of expectations than other generations. The consumer experience, authenticity and transparency are essential. 

Gen Z reads company reviews, comparison shops and explores a variety of brands before deciding. They expect to communicate with companies through social media, including Twitter and Instagram, and want companies to fully utilize their websites and apps to provide detailed information. Gen Zers want online appointment scheduling and text reminders. In short, Zoomers want to be able to learn and interact digitally. 

  • Eco-Friendly Options

More than other generations, Gen Z is focused on green energy and environmental sustainability. This generation isn’t as concerned with saving money as safeguarding the planet from climate change and using clean energy. 

When it comes to HVAC, most Gen Zers don’t realize that regular preventative maintenance can identify and address problems early, including faulty equipment and air leaks. An HVAC system that operates at peak efficiency uses less energy and improves home air quality, reducing the climate impact. Of course, newer HVAC equipment will run cleaner and more efficiently than decades-old systems. HVAC businesses should be able to educate Gen Z new homebuyers about the importance of preventative maintenance.

  • Good value for their money

While many Gen Zers have “bougie” (read: expensive) taste, they’re also budget-minded. Gen Z is willing to pay for good quality. They can sniff out a bargain and a scam — good news for HVAC companies using the EverRest method. Gen Zers will appreciate EverRest’s open and honest approach to HVAC service. 

Gen Z homeowners want quality, authenticity and honesty from all companies. With the EverRest method, HVAC companies earn and keep customer trust by identifying problematic units and giving homeowners options for repairs and replacements

No matter the generation, HVAC customers want to know they’re being treated with care and respect. Using EverRest strategies, including lead generation tasks and secondary and mandatory lead conditions, HVAC companies demonstrate their commitment to customer service and quality work. 

EverRest clients who want more information about the process should visit our redesigned website that now includes step-by-step guidance. Contact us if you’d like a personalized walkthrough of the new site to make the most of the EverRest method.