What Do Your HVAC Customers Want? (Hint: The Answer is Easier Than You Think)

Ask four HVAC business owners what customers want from their HVAC service company and you’ll likely get four different answers. 

One might say customers want fair pricing, another could argue technician experience, the third may claim positive reviews and the fourth may point to speedy service. 

The truth of the matter is that HVAC customers want it all. 

In a time when the average Joe thinks he can fix just about anything with a hammer and a YouTube video, HVAC companies need to work harder than ever to win business. Customers can see past flashy marketing and catchy slogans and expect excellence. 

From our standpoint, excellence is a result of four factors:

  1. Fair Pricing
    Fair pricing is not about giving away your product and services for free. It’s about an equitable cost for your skills, services and materials. Customers will gladly pay reasonable prices for quality work. 

    The EverRest Group suggests setting replacement pricing to align with 20% net profits – a win-win for both you and the customer. You’ll generate returns while your customers pay reasonable costs. To determine your best replacement pricing, we created a handy calculator that does the work for you. Just plug in your numbers.

    HVAC companies should also consider offering flexible financing for customers so they can pay for their new systems over time.

  2. Experience
    Don’t kid yourself – people can tell if your technician is experienced or just winging it. Customers value technicians and supervisors who demonstrate expertise in the HVAC field and explain problems in clear, understandable language.

    Technicians who use The EverRest Group’s principles can further drive customer satisfaction and increased sales. Lead-generator tasks and mandatory leads focus on a complete inspection of an HVAC system to provide objective repair or replacement options. 

    Business owners can further demonstrate their company’s expertise by supporting technician training, certification and licensure following local and state regulations. 

  3. Positive Reviews
    Today, no one hires a contractor without doing a Google search first. Studies show that the average consumer reads 10 online reviews about a company before deciding the next step. Customers depend as much on reviews from complete strangers as they do recommendations from family members. Every review counts, even negative ones.

    As an HVAC business owner, you need to do what you can to get those reviews flowing – start a referral program, create marketing materials or just flat-out ask. Without reviews, your company may as well not exist. 

    The first and most important step to getting positive reviews is to have a top-notch business model. Make sure everything about your business, from customer service to pricing, is on point. By following The EverRest Group’s 5 Critical Components of Success, companies can consistently provide the support and services customers demand.

  4. Speedy Service
    When the temperature is dipping into the single digits or skyrocketing into the triples, customers don’t want to wait for next-day service. Your customers want service NOW, and you better be prepared to provide it or lose out to your competitors.

    Speedy service shouldn’t just be a slogan – it needs to be a way of living. With prompt and friendly service, HVAC companies can earn more business and positive reviews.

Overall, as we’ve said before, excellence ultimately comes from utilizing The EverRest Group’s proven plan for creating a winning HVAC business. If you’re not earning 20% net profits yet, review our strategies again.