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Key Benefits

More freedom for the owner: How does a 4-hour workweek sound?

More net profit without adding marketing or personnel overhead cost.

Less stress: Your business becomes a finely tuned sales- and profit-generating machine.

A proven business model that delivers 20% to 28% net profit in any market.

Through Express Success, HVAC companies get exclusive access to a Business Advisor who will flag issues the minute they occur and correct problems before they impact profits. Your Business Advisor will help set yearly, monthly and daily goals to keep your company on track. They work as an extension of your executive staff, putting all the experience and resources of The EverRest Group and EverRest Peak Performance training at your disposal.  Your Business Advisor provides the focus and energy to monitor your company’s progress, freeing you up to handle other tasks.

Express Success also helps you create a strong organizational culture, making your company the employer of choice in your market. Your employees will be better trained than the competitors, well paid and highly regarded for their knowledge and skills.

Our proprietary sales approach is unlike any in the industry. Express Success shows how to build customer trust and eliminate price competition. There’s no need for underhanded and unprofessional sales tactics that undermine your reputation and aggravate customers.

The EverRest replacement sales method is so reliable that most customers won’t want other bids. At the end of the day, your customers will be satisfied, your sales staff will be happy and your business will be exactly where you want it – winning.

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Early Results

Express Success dealers have averaged $65,000 in revenue growth per month.

Morale has improved because team players see the benefits, and underperformers are held accountable.

Companies have reached operational excellence with unprecedented revenue and profit growth.


“Since we joined the Express Success program, our revenue for the first two months has been the best in our company’s history.”

— Owner, $2M company – Alabama

“The Express Success team changed the way I sell — for the better. By using the EverRest replacement sales process, customers feel like they can trust me. It drove more revenue over time. The Express Success training the EverRest team provided helped us work as a team. We are growing every month compared to prior years when we did it the old way.”

— Supervisor sales manager – Washington

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