HVAC Contractors Working in a Thriving Housing Market

In the past year, HVAC contractors – like other contractors – have changed their processes and procedures during the Covid pandemic. Now, with the housing boom continuing, contractors of all kinds have an opportunity to reap the benefits of new builds and renovations. 

For HVAC companies, the strong housing market means more business, creating vast potential for increased earnings. EverRest clients can see the boom as an even more significant opportunity to keep technicians in homes and work towards 20% profits. 

Smart HVAC business owners are aligning customer preferences with company offerings. To maximize the opportunities available through the housing boom, consider:

  • Offering products that will improve indoor air quality – Since the start of Covid, consumers are increasingly looking for products that will improve air filtration and indoor air quality. Technicians and salespeople should educate customers about the importance of basic maintenance and how it impacts air quality. Customers should understand that their decade-old home HVAC unit doesn’t offer as many advantages as today’s units with improved techno
  • Hopping on the technology train – Smart HVAC components, including products like smart thermostats, are already on customer wish lists. Consumers want to be able to adjust home temperatures or monitor airflow from their computers and other internet-enabled devices. They also want to be able to examine past performance to make changes for their home heating and cooling needs.  
  • Getting and keeping a talented workforce – Like so many other industries, the HVAC field has problems getting and retaining quality employees. These days, talented people aren’t just going to land on your doorstep – you have to seek them out. Consider starting from the ground up by building a relationship with a local HVAC school to scoop up the best talent from the start.  Look for people with a can-do spirit and a willingness to learn and adapt.
  • Putting your best face forward – Your website should reflect your company’s brand and seek to influence your target audience. Businesses should utilize video content and online services to influence customer purchases. Contractors should fill their websites with informative videos about available HVAC options.

At the same time, EverRest clients should continue to implement the 5 Critical Components of Success that will get them to 20% net profits:

  1. At the same time, EverRest clients should continue to implement the 5 Critical Components of Success that will get them to 20% net profits:
  2. Implement lead-generation tasks on every call
    Technicians must understand the benefits of using mandatory and secondary lead conditions to reveal HVAC problems and then speak with customers about the benefits of installing a new unit over making repairs.
  3. Keep technicians in 4 to 5 homes a day
    Technicians should be performing lead-generation tasks in 4 to 5 homes a day to leverage the EverRest method fully.
  4. Maximize replacement gross margins and increase closing rates
    Companies that create their own demand by generating leads and uncovering all replacement opportunities maximize their margins and closing rates.
  5. Operate with urgency
    Technicians and companies should work together to track successes and make as-needed adjustments for increased profits.

For a successful and profitable business, EverRest clients should also follow our other time-tested tips and tools