The Owner’s and Manager’s Guide to HVAC Company Success

When you dream about success, what does it look like? Is it a fleet of company trucks wrapped with your logo? Maybe it’s a long client list and a hefty bank balance? Or perhaps it’s just you, sitting on your new fishing boat with feet up and beer in hand?

No matter what your HVAC business success looks like, know this one truth: there’s no easy road. But when companies use The EverRest Group methods, owners start on a path to attaining their goals. The results are worth it. 

EverRest has helped HVAC companies earn more without hiring additional staff, increasing overhead or using shady tactics and pricy marketing schemes. Let’s look at how: 

  • Aim for an 80/20 replacement-service balance
    Many companies miss sales opportunities because they overlook residential replacements as an option. Instead of repairing the same system over and over, residential replacements should be the main focus of your business. Our plan calls for at least 80% of business to be replacements and 20% to be service calls.

    Stop and Consider:
    Look at your books to determine how many service calls you ran in the past month. What would happen if you converted them to replacement calls? 

    If you made 100 service calls in one month at $170 each, the total would be $170,000. If 80 of those calls were converted to replacement sales of $5,000 each, your total for the month just from replacements would be $400,000. 
  • Ensure technicians on service calls maximize replacement leads
    As the primary contact for customers, technicians are essential to developing replacement leads and getting salespeople in the homes. 

    Technicians need to understand the roles that Lead Generation Tasks, Mandatory Lead Conditions and Secondary Lead Conditions play in business and how to use them effectively. Together, technicians and salespeople should make a transaction fast, easy and efficient for the homeowners. 

    Conversion rates – or the number of tune-ups and repairs converted to sales – are a great way to track financial progress. By maximizing leads, a single technician in 4 or 5 homes a day should be able to generate $500,000 to $700,000 in residential replacement sales. 
  • Keep technicians in 4 to 5 homes a day
    If you have one rule for your employees, it should be that technicians must have customer face time. No, not the electronic kind, but the eye-to-eye kind. 

    Technicians must be in homes, looking at possible HVAC problems and talking to customers. How? Service calls and scheduled tune-ups.

    Stop and Consider:
    The EverRest Group’s Customer Care Calling Plan includes the necessary scripts and calling guides to sell tune-ups to potential customers. Provide seasonal tune-up offers that customers can’t refuse.
  • Maximize replacement gross margins and closing rates
    The time to generate a lead and replacement is in the customer’s home. Make it so easy for your customers to get a new system that they don’t want to shop around. 

    Stop and Consider:
    Time kills sales. Technicians must understand the EverRest plan and how to implement Lead Generation Tasks, Mandatory Lead Conditions and Secondary Lead Conditions that uncover replacement opportunities. 
  • Expect everyone to operate with urgency
    Require all employees, including technicians, salespeople and administrative staff, to work to the EverRest plan. Owners and managers should execute the 5 Critical Components for Success and align Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with goals.

    Stop and Consider:
    By spending 15 minutes a day tracking performance and making adjustments, your stress levels will decline, and your sales and profits will surge.