Best Practices for Hiring and Retaining a Great Dispatcher.

HVAC Dispatchers: The Unsung Heroes of Your Office.

When your company follows The EverRest Group’s proven methods, your technicians are in 4 to 5 homes a day, running Lead Generation Tasks during all calls. 

Behind the scenes, your dispatcher works as a master of ceremonies of sorts, coordinating day-to-day operations. Within the span of a few minutes, dispatchers can be:

  • Answering phone calls
  • Writing work orders
  • Scheduling service visits
  • Providing technicians with customer information
  • Updating customers regarding technician status 
  • Following up with customers after the technician’s visit

In between, dispatchers keep files organized and updated, order parts and equipment and help the day move along more smoothly, depending on what’s needed.

No matter what, HVAC dispatchers have a big job – one that demands an employee who can multitask under pressure. Since dispatchers play such a critical role, hiring and retaining the right person can make or break a company. 

The ideal dispatcher:

  • Can multitask and problem solve
    Dispatchers juggle multiple tasks despite numerous distractions and deadlines.  Dispatchers must be able to work independently to problem solve without hand-holding. 
  • Understands the technician’s job
    As the person who schedules and coordinates a technician’s workday, dispatchers must understand the intricacies of the technician’s job and where the EverRest method fits.  
  • Understands the area
    When technicians drive around town for their next service call, they’re not in customer’s homes. The best dispatchers know the local area, including traffic patterns, to optimize scheduling.
  • Stays calm under pressure
    Dispatchers must be able to handle all types of customers tactfully because some people won’t be happy no matter what happens.
  • Is professional
    As the customer’s first contact with your company, dispatchers must be pleasant, courteous and act to the highest degree of professionalism.
  • Communicates well
    Dispatchers must be able to talk and listen to customers and technicians to make sure work gets completed correctly. 
  • Is no nonsense
    Dispatchers who have assertive and decisive communication skills ensure technicians understand what’s best for the company. These dispatchers aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and work tirelessly to keep technicians in 4 to 5 homes daily.

Since good dispatchers are hard to find, hang on to the one you have. Some of our tips for keeping them on staff include: 

  • Provide quality equipment for the job
    Both technicians and dispatchers need good-quality tools to do their jobs. For dispatchers, quality tools include software that will help schedule jobs, process payments and track equipment and parts to reduce wasted time.  
  • Offer training and coaching 
    Even the best dispatchers might get flustered by an unreasonable customer or technician. Give dispatchers the means to navigate these difficult situations through coursework that teaches conflict resolution, active listening and problem-solving.  
  • Encourage communication
    Hold monthly get-togethers with dispatchers and technicians to hear their concerns and get feedback about the workflow. Your employees will feel valued and appreciated.  
  • Make sure they know your priorities
    Since dispatchers determine the order for service calls to be handled, they should understand which should be prioritized. A customer priority list can include: 
    • Customers with medical needs that demand a functional HVAC system.
    • Customers with maintenance contracts and same-day service agreements. 
    • Customers whose businesses depend on working HVAC systems.

Of course, dispatchers must understand the critical role the EverRest method plays in daily business. When technicians are scheduled to visit 4 to 5 homes a day, they can implement the EverRest’s Lead Generation Tasks and look for Mandatory and Secondary Lead Conditions. 

By working cooperatively with company bosses and technicians, talented dispatchers can quickly grasp the importance of the EverRest process to your company. With this knowledge, dispatchers will become vital to your company’s success.