Hitting the Refresh Button on Your Company’s Image

Reflect - Rethink - Redo spelled out on wooden blocks. Business and inspiration conceptSometimes, no words are needed: Apple’s apple, Nike’s swoosh and Target’s bullseye.  The images say it all.

What do people think when they see your company’s logo or brand? Is it snazzy – eye-catching and appealing? Or does it just sit there – blah? It’s never too late to breathe new life into a company’s stale image.

Hitting the refresh button on your company’s image doesn’t have to be a significant undertaking. A refresh isn’t a complete overhaul or rebranding. Instead, a refresh provides subtle changes to a brand identity – such as a refined logo or expanded messaging – that can be powerful.

Does your company need a refresh?

  • Has it been years, or even decades, since your company updated its look?
  • Has your customer base changed?
  • Do your competitors seem to be getting more attention?
  • Has your company changed since it first opened?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, it’s time to look further into your brand.

Sanjay Castelino, the former vice president of marketing for the IT professional networking company Spiceworks, said the most important first step for refreshing a brand is looking inward.

“Keep in mind the whole process should begin with an introspective exercise to take a deeper look at your brand and determine what you want to stand for, what’s your true value to customers and what drives your employees to come to work every day,” Castelino told Entrepreneur. “Answering these questions helped fuel all of our new visual components and messaging. You can’t update your visual representation and written identity without undergoing this exercise first.”

From there, a brand refresh can come in a variety of ways:

Color refinements

Sometimes all HVAC companies need to do is make small adjustments to their color schemes for a significant impact. Instead of completely changing the company’s colors, opt for a slight variation that keeps your brand recognizable but fresh. Remember that colors can influence moods, feelings and physiological reactions.

Logo updates

If you’ve been in business 10 years or more, chances are your business logo is outdated and old fashioned. Consider making slight changes to the color, style and design that modernize the logo look without making it unidentifiable. Your customers need to know it’s still your company, but better.

Font fixes

Just like colors, fonts can elicit emotional reactions and showcase a company’s personality. Fonts can be quirky, bold and even political, so choose wisely.

Slogan changes

A slogan wraps up a company’s distinctive benefits, attitude and perspective in just a few words. Shoot for a saying that’s simple and gets to the point. Don’t try too hard to be clever (unless you’re really good at it).

Castelino said the refresh of Spiceworks taught him several fundamental lessons, including the importance of consistency. In the name of continuity, Castelino recommends:

Appointing a brand champion

Choose an employee who aligns with the company’s core values and intended expectations to teach others how to stay on-brand.

Involving the customers

Ask customers to describe your brand, their good and bad experiences and messages they think your company is sending. Ask for their input on colors and fonts. Find out what resonates with them and what’s falling short.

Deliver on company promises

Match the company’s new look with outcomes and deliver positive customer experiences at all times.

“Updating your brand and its visual representation should be about fixing mismatches between what people expect and what they actually get in terms of an experience,” Castelino said.

Indeed, refreshing an HVAC company’s image also supports the ultimate goal – 20% net profits. Using the EverRest Group’s Peak Performance Program, HVAC business owners maximize their sales and profits without sketchy tactics and overblown promises. Our 5 Critical Components of Success take the guesswork out of profitability.

In the end, the winning combination of a spiffy new look and the EverRest process is sure to be a company’s ace in the hole.