5 Confidence Boosters Your Team Needs Right Now

Do you have employees who want to succeed but seem full of doubt, insecurities and indecision? Are they bringing down the workplace mood?  Low self-confidence is not only bad for morale but also for business. 

Technicians and field supervisors (salespeople) who lack confidence can deal a financially devastating blow to the bottom line by driving away customers and other employees. 

Consider what Alex Viola, an EverRest national trainer, says about the importance of technician confidence and customer engagement:

“You need to have a very consistent, positive communication delivery by being confident, not arrogant,” Viola says in a technician training video.

To grow and maintain a successful HVAC company, owners need to focus on boosting individual employee and team confidence. Our suggestions:

  1. Clearly Define Expected Results

From day one, technicians should understand their job responsibilities and the expected level of performance. Have continuous conversations with employees to make the job parameters clear. 

“[Setting employee expectations can] eliminate or reduce confusion and increases the chances of employees being successful in achieving the goals set for them,” Belinda Wee, an associate professor at Husson University’s School of Business and Management, told Business News Daily. “Employees who achieve their goals enhance the success of the entire organization.”

  1. Create an Open-Communication Environment

Employees want to have a say in the workplace and feel valued. They should be able to share their thoughts, opinions and ideas without fear of reprisal. 

Adopt a workplace culture that provides consistent accountability, transparency and constructive feedback.

  1. Boost Employee Morale

Most employees don’t need much to feel appreciated. Small gestures, such as simply saying “good morning,” help employees feel noticed. Take it a step further by celebrating birthdays once a month or bringing in donuts or cookies. On a bigger scale, make leeway for flexible work schedules and provide room for advancement. 

  1. Set a Good Example

Make no mistake, employees are watching and listening. They’re taking mental notes about what their bosses say and do and use it as a guidepost for their actions.  

Company owners, managers and supervisors have a responsibility to lead by example and demonstrate appropriate behaviors. If a company wants its employees to have a can-do attitude, the bosses better be ready to roll up their sleeves. 

  1. Provide Training for EverRest Process and Skills

Employees who undergo training have a deeper understanding of their job expectations, making them happier and more productive. Good training also boosts confidence to do the job well. 

Viola suggests technicians and field supervisors work together outside of public view and go through each step of the EverRest method, so the interactions are seamless. 

“The best way to do it is practice, practice, practice so it’s very fluid,” Viola says. 

The EverRest Group’s proven method helps HVAC companies achieve 20% net profits without unethical high-pressure sales tactics and excessive overhead. Ensure all members of your team understand the goal and the process of attaining success. When technicians and field supervisors work in accord, the EverRest method works smoothly and efficiently. Viola said technicians and field supervisors should be prepared at every turn. 

“Sales are about knowledge and confidence,” Viola says. “How do you get knowledge and confidence? By being prepared. Just like when you take a test. The better you’re prepared, the more confident you are, the better you will do.”