10 Ways HVAC Companies Give Back During the Holidays

The holiday season is a time for giving, and HVAC companies have a unique opportunity to use this time to make a difference in their communities.

As small businesses that are highly visible in local communities, HVAC companies can support local charitable organizations while building solid customer relationships. When HVAC businesses give back, they boost their reputation and improve employee morale. Giving can also help businesses build bonds with community leaders and make a significant contribution to the community culture.

HVAC companies that use EverRest principles focus on ethical business practices, customer satisfaction and employee development. These principles align well with the values of charitable giving and community service.

Ideas for How HVAC Companies Can Give Back

1. Donate to a Local Food Bank or Shelter

Set up a drop box inside the office for canned goods for local food pantries and coordinate staff volunteers to deliver the items. Pass out fliers and send emails to customers so they can participate.

2. Sponsor a Child or Family

Provide a child or whole family with a memorable holiday season by providing all the food for a Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas meal. Local charities can identify children and families in need.

3. Offer Free or Discounted HVAC Services to Low-Income Families

Contact a charitable organization or community leader to determine the need in your area. Partner with other businesses to have a bigger impact.

4. Host a Toy Drive

Collect and distribute new, unwrapped toys to local children, community organizations, churches or charities. Promote the event on your website, social media and newsletter.

5. Plan a Charity Event

Organize an event to raise money (or gifts) to support the community. Events can include a silent auction, fun run, movie night, carnival, cook-off and shoe drive, just to name a few.

6. Encourage Company-Wide Volunteerism

Incentivize employees to volunteer by offering paid time off or other perks. You can also partner with a local charity to identify volunteer opportunities for your team.

7. Adopt a Non-Profit

Find a charity that your employees support and donate time, expertise, resources or money to benefit the nonprofit. This shows your employees you value and support their causes.

8. Be a Layaway Angel

Raise money and use the funds to pay layaway balances at stores that include the Army & Air Force Exchange Service, Best Buy and Walmart.

9. Ask for a Round-up

Offer customers the option to round up their bill and donate to the company’s charitable giving drive.

10. Don’t Forget Your Employees

Show your employees appreciation for their hard work and dedication during the holiday season by providing meaningful recognition such as bonuses, gift cards or other small gifts. A holiday party or other employee appreciation event is also a nice to show appreciation and improve retention.

By giving back to their communities during the holidays, HVAC companies can show appreciation for their customers and positively impact others. These companies also stand out as socially responsible businesses.

HVAC companies using EverRest methods have an even greater opportunity to engage customers than other HVAC groups. Since the EverRest method relies on meeting with dozens of customers a week, HVAC companies can expand the reach of their charitable giving.

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