EverRest Partner: Precision Media

As an HVAC professional, you know the best way to increase revenue is to put your technicians in as many homes as possible. The difficulty is finding an efficient and cost-effective means of reaching new and existing customers. Expensive advertising campaigns don’t provide a profitable return on your investment, and hiring new employees for customer outreach is expensive, time-consuming and a complete departure from your core business.

Instead of trying to learn and implement a new business model, let the communications professionals at the Precision Call Center contact your customers and schedule appointments inside your existing software. Our turnkey service provides a steady source of new customers, and you only pay for the appointments we actually book!

Helping people stay comfortable with smooth-running HVAC systems is what you do. Customer outreach is what we do. Expand your customer base with a zero-risk partnership with the Precision Call Center.


  • Get your technicians face-to-face with customers in their homes
  • Guaranteed growth with new business and routine service/maintenance checks
  • Pay only for appointments we actually book
  • Free up your employees to focus on your customers
  • Outreach designed for your business that includes training our employees to work specifically for you
  • Because we use your software, you don’t need to contact the customer until your technician is on the way to the appointment
  • Access to Precision Call Center services through the Everrest Group gives you a big advantage over your competition
  • Even if you’ve tried in-house calling, Precision Call Center’s expertise and efficiency will show you increased profitability and growth


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