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Our deep knowledge and implementation approach to business strategy and technology have spearheaded our growth over the last 15 years. Today,  CI Web Group acts as a catalyst for growth for thousands of entrepreneurs in various industries who are looking to grow their business. Our clients and business partners range in size from global brands such as Goodman & Amana, to HVAC contractors who are starting their business out of their home. Before anything else, we are a marketing technology consulting firm. We understand that you are looking for quantifiable results and our mission is to provide them. We believe in a high-converting, go-to-market approach that engages your audience in every way, and helps them feel confident in doing business with you. 

That’s why the digital marketing experts at CI Web Group have created The 12 Step Road Map,  a digital marketing strategy for service contractors, and other businesses seeking to market and grow their business. It’s about doing the right things… in the right order… at the right time!  We openly present the 12 Step Roadmap digital marketing strategies through ongoing webinars, live events, digital marketing training workshops, blogs, videos, and so on. We believe in providing education and training, designed to help business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals grow personally, professionally and financially.

Our 12 Step Road Map includes marketing strategies and implementation for your website, social media, paid and organic traffic, content marketing, email campaigns, video that sells and so much more. Our marketing strategies are based on our decades of experience in full-service online and offline advertising that has produced significant, tangible, and quantifiable results. 

We want you to be a person who can move mountains because you have built and assembled a powerful team of people around you.  This requires you to make an intentional decision to show up, suit up and participate! If you desire to work on your business instead of in your business, we want you!

Let’s start envisioning your future together, starting today.

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