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Communicating with the technician

  • When the technician finds a lead condition he will update the homeowner regarding what he has found and tell them that he has to call his supervisor that the supervisor can confirm the issue. The technician will place the call and ask if you are CLEAR. This informs you that the technician has found a lead condition and has included the homeowner in the call. You should respond that you are clear only if you can give him your full attention. Otherwise tell him you need a few minutes and will call him right back. 

  • Once you are on the call with the technician and the homeowner, have the technician explain what he has found. Ask the technician if he has additional things to complete on the inspection and to do those while you are en route. Explain that you will wrap up and be on your way.

  • The tech will explain that they need to return to the truck to get the additional tools needed to complete the inspection. Once in the truck they place a second call to you. They provide all the equipment details to allow you determine the options and pricing you will provide to the homeowner. They should also provide a brief easement of the overall design of the current system and ductwork. They “paint the picture” of what you are walking into – homeowner’s mood and availability, distractions like kids and pets, etc. 

  • Fully equipped with all the details, you can prepare for the call. If it is an existing customer, review the account history so you know any past activities that may impact the best choice for the homeowner. Refer to your flat-rate price book and determine the pricing for the options you think may come into play.


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APPRENTICE: Building Rappor with the customer.

Trail Map - Overview

  • 1. Overview

    The reality of the HVAC Service and replacement business is that without the majority of the revenue being produced by replacement of major components or systems sales the profit potential of the business in limited to 2%-5%.

    This is a very tough business model and puts stress on the culture because any disruption can result in the business losing money very quickly. Moderate weather can be enough to cause the volume of the business to drop to the point that overhead eats up all the profit for the year. So how did the EverRest Group eliminate these issues at Hans Air and result in a business that generates 17%- 23% each year?

    The answer is that the EverRest Group recognized that the technical team has the ability to generate demand for replacements with complete honesty and integrity.

    To accomplish this the technicians must be properly trained to create demand for replacement sales by identifying every opportunity, being properly compensated for each replacement lead that results in a replacement sale, and understanding that generating leads is as central to their job as performing accurate diagnostics and repairs.

    The Tech Lead Generation process revolutionized the business and was the key element to accomplishing the 80%-20% sales ratio and the 20% Net Profit objective. The great news is that the process is simple and even technicians that are generally not comfortable engaging the customer can be very successful following the EverRest Tech lead generation process.

  • 2. Technician Role in replacement sales

    With the EverRest strategy for generating leads and selling replacements, your technicians will uncover replacement opportunities that your competitors would miss.

    This creates demand for replacements that otherwise wouldn’t have been lost to a competitor at some point. Plus, this can be accomplished with honesty and integrity and without having to resort to high-pressure sales tactics.

    Note that this is not a Technician sales process that has been common in the industry. It is actually the opposite. The goal is to relieve the technician of any pressure to engage the customer in a sales process.

    The Supervisor is responsible for engaging the customer and presenting the options. The technician plays a critical role in laying the ground work and building trust with the customer. If this is done correctly, when the supervisor arrives on site completing the sale process is fast and straight forward.

    • Insure Customer Understands Service Call Cost and payment expectation
    • Replacement Benchmarks From Service Calls (Tune-ups & Repairs)
    • Lead Generator Tasks To Perform On Every Repair Call & Tune-up
    • Mandatory Lead Conditions & Getting Supervisor/Salesperson In The Home to verify the issue
    • Secondary Lead Conditions & Getting Supervisor/Salesperson In The Home to determine the steps to return the system to optimum performance
    • Communicating with the customer Setting Leads Using A Cell Phone Versus A 2-Way Radio
    • Why It’s So Important For The Salesperson To Go While The Technician Is Still At The Home… TIME KILLS DEALS
    • What The Technician Should Do While The Supervisor/Salesperson Is Driving To The House
    • Supervisor/Salesperson : The Supervisor Should Carry ONLY A Flashlight To The Door
    • What About When The Technician Is The Salesperson?
    • Service Ticket Attachment That Will Absolutely Skyrocket Sales
  • 3. Replacement Benchmarks

    The benchmarks below will help you gauge if your process is optimized. Be patient, it takes time to hone the skills needed to meet these objectives but be confident you can do it just as many others across the country have. This process has been proven in many markets and during good and bad economic times.

    If you perform the full Mandatory and Secondary lead condition inspection on every appointment you will identify a replacement lead in 1 out of 8 or 10 appointments. You must have the discipline to perform the full Everrest inspection every time or the replacement sales will not materialize. It is a numbers game and if you follow the process you will see results.

    A ratio of 80% Replacement Sales versus 20% Service Sales equates to a “4 to 1” Replacement Ratio, which means for every $100,000 in Service Sales you should have $400,000 in Replacement Sales.

    We have found that the Closing Rate Goal from Tech Leads can be expected to be at least 75%. This assumes you’re following The EverRest Group’s recommendation of getting your salesperson/supervisor to the home immediately while your technician is there. This is critical and is the fifth Critical Component of Success-Operate with a sense of urgency.

    This process limits the amount of price shopping competition your company will face which is part of the reason the close rate is well above industry averages. The other key reason is that as the technician you have earned the trust of the customer during the inspection process. From how you look, to your preparation for the call, to how you interact with the customer you have set the stage for your supervisor to complete the sales process.


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Question 1 The HVAC industry is know for its high profits that often
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