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TRAIL MAP - OVERVIEW The reality of the HVAC Service and replacement business is that without the majority of the revenue being produced by replacement of major components or systems sales the profit potential of the business in limited to 2%-5%.


BEING PREPARED - YOUR APPEARANCE IS CRITICAL Your Appearance is critical. The technician is the face of the business to the customer. As is well known, you only have one opportunity to make a great first impression.

BEING PREPARED - THE VEHICLE REPRESENTS YOUR COMPANY The vehicle is an extension of the company. It usually will have the company logo, contact information, etc. It must reflect the "brand" of the company. It is a rolling billboard and a huge marketing asset if used properly.


ENGAGING THE CUSTOMER Do a last minute check to be sure you are ready to engage the customer in a professional and friendly manner.

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THESE STRATEGIES, if followed, are guaranteed to maximize your sales