Tracking and Monitoring: Why Should I Bother?

Some business owners think tracking sales and monitoring progress is inconvenient and not worth the time. Ha! Apparently, they don’t know what winning looks like. Tracking and monitoring – two foundational principals that drive The EverRest Group’s success – help HVAC contractors earn higher profit margins. If you’re not tracking and monitoring, let’s look at[…]

Facts vs. Rumors: Managing Customer COVID-19 Concerns During Uncertainty

As COVID-19 cases increase in some parts of the country, the general public is increasingly concerned about the virus and the possible role HVAC systems may play in disease transmission. Making matters worse is the contradictory information, even from trustworthy sources. Consider this: On June 23, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Medical responded to a[…]

Demonstrating Honesty and Integrity – Doing the Right Thing Every Day

Imagine this: You’re called to a customer’s home because the HVAC system isn’t blowing at maximum capacity. After troubleshooting, you realize the fix is simple – a replacement air filter. For some HVAC professionals, the easy fix creates a dilemma: make the replacement and be on your way or exaggerate the problems to ensure that[…]

Feeling the Heat? Don’t Overload Your Technicians

Ah, summer. Time to kick back, relax and enjoy the sunset while sipping a beer. Ha! Maybe for some people, but not HVAC business owners. As we enter the hottest season, the slow-and-steady pace of spring has exploded into a work frenzy. Service technicians who are racing from call to call are hot and tired[…]

Harnessing the Power of Strategic Partnerships

Everyone needs a little help at some point in life. When like-minded people help each other, the results can be beneficial for both parties. In business, strategic partnerships are a way for like-minded professionals to harness collective power. Strategic alliances are mutually beneficial agreements, either in writing or via handshake, to extend company reach, increase[…]

Why Key Performance Indicators Matter

Imagine driving a car without a steering wheel or brakes. Impossible, right? When you run a business without establishing key performance indicators (KPIs), you may as well be driving recklessly. KPIs measure specific operational results against industry standards. The findings are used to analyze performance, determine objectives and establish benchmarks for success. KPIs track performance[…]

HVAC Businesses Thriving in Uncertain Times

With the ongoing COVID-19 threat, business owners nationwide have been concerned about uncertain economic times ahead. As providers of essential services, HVAC contractors and technicians are among a select group of experts who provide critical tasks to keep the public healthy and safe. In many states, the designation as essential emergency employees and services means[…]


We may not realize it, but oftentimes we set our employees up for failure.We can easily fall into the trap of thinking, “I don’t have time to teach them exactly what they’re supposed to do—it’s easy, they’ll figure it out,” or “They already know what they’re doing.” And, more specifically in our industry, “It’s summer. The[…]


A business that doesn’t take regular inventory usually goes broke. Pre-season is the perfect time to assess your personal inventory. After all, a business is comprised of the people who work there, and it’s only as successful—or unsuccessful—as its people. Try to answer the following questions as honestly as possible. It’s tempting to fool ourselves and choose[…]


If you already have a customer service department or customer care callers in place, you’re already halfway there. Maybe you want to enhance the way it’s currently operating? Or maybe you don’t have any callers in place yet. Either way, let’s break down each question and get down to some answers: Who’s going to call? You[…]