5 Confidence Boosters Your Team Needs Right Now

Do you have employees who want to succeed but seem full of doubt, insecurities and indecision? Are they bringing down the workplace mood?  Low self-confidence is not only bad for morale but also for business. […]

Upcoming Events

Goodman Technical Training is pleased to invite all Dealers and Distributors to the following technical webinars for September 2021. These webinars will be 120-minute specific equipment presentations. We are confident all selected webinars will provide[…]

Top 5 Ways to Lose Customers (And the Solutions for Bringing Them Back)

Ever wonder how people initially choose an HVAC company and become repeat customers? Wonder why your company isn’t getting glowing endorsements on social media? Curious about why other companies have a robust local following? Customer[…]

Fast Service, Slow Payments: Managing Customers Who Don’t Pay

Customers expect HVAC companies to be on time, quick and efficient. What should you expect in return? Payment. Sadly, so many customers “forget” that part of the transaction. Payment can be a touchy subject. Some[…]

Earning (and Keeping) HVAC Customer Trust

Merriam-Webster Trust (noun) 1a: Assured reliance on the character, ability, strength or truth of someone or something1b: One in which confidence is placed HVAC business owners know their companies depend on customer trust for success. Shady HVAC[…]

Maintenance Agreements – A Win-Win for Everyone

Smart HVAC business owners know maintenance agreements are beneficial for both the company and its clients. For HVAC companies, maintenance agreements provide a more substantial customer base.  For homeowners, they reduce the worry that comes[…]

New Hire Search Gone Wrong

If you’re reading this you know that applicants are hard to come by these days, whether you’re looking for HVAC technicians, installers, or sales team members. I have a new client that owns an HVAC[…]

HVAC Companies Avoiding the Summer Rush

Most HVAC companies see the blazing heat of June, July and August as their cash cow – a time of year when frantic homeowners gladly open their checkbooks for much-needed HVAC repairs, tune-ups and replacements. […]

HVAC Dispatchers: The Unsung Heroes of Your Office. Best Practices for Hiring and Retaining a Great Dispatcher.

When your company follows The EverRest Group’s proven methods, your technicians are in 4 to 5 homes a day, running Lead Generation Tasks during all calls.  Behind the scenes, your dispatcher works as a master[…]

Preparing for the Post-Covid HVAC Industry

With coronavirus vaccines available to more people and local governments easing lockdown restrictions, U.S. businesses are now grappling with the newest questions: What does a post-Covid country look like? Already, the HVAC industry has begun[…]

Overcoming Hurdles to Earn KPI Success

Do you: Track employee hours? Ask customers for feedback? Monitor revenue? Examine your company’s progress? Whether you realize it or not, you use key performance indicators (KPIs) in your business every day.  As for performance[…]

Creative Strategies for Improving Employee Retention

When it comes to employee satisfaction, multiple studies have proven one thing: Employees don’t quit companies. They quit bosses.  Employees quit dead-end jobs, unmotivated coworkers and low morale. And when employees start leaving, customers aren’t[…]