Keeping it Real: 5 Reasons to be Thankful During the Holiday Season

All year long, HVAC business owners hustle to ensure their companies operate smoothly with hardworking employees and satisfied customers. Come holiday season, the expectations are no different. Even though the rest of the world seems[…]

Your Annual KPIs in Review — What Worked, What Didn’t

Every month, HVAC business owners track their company’s financial and operational progress using key performance indicators (KPIs) to understand company successes and missteps. Ultimately, however, monthly KPIs aren’t enough. If you’re not scrutinizing your year-end[…]

Selling to the Next Generation of Homeowners

Hard to believe it, but Gen Z – the generation that popularized TikTok and Insta-fame – is starting to harness power in the homebuying market. With the oldest Gen Zers reaching their mid-20s, it’s time[…]

Breathe Deep: Let’s Talk Air Quality

Question: What do gas stoves, newly installed carpets and your dog have in common? Answer: They can all cause poor indoor air quality (IAQ). Long before the Covid pandemic, homeowners were concerned about the link[…]

What’s In Your Toolbox? The EverRest Group Suggests…

It’s no secret that having the right tools for the job makes any workload more manageable and efficient. So why do your HVAC technicians continue to lug 4,000 tools to every job, particularly when they[…]

You Had Me at Hello — Building Your In-House Call Center

One of the first steps to growing a successful HVAC business has nothing to do with megohmmeters, compressors or ductwork. This type of success begins at hello. Customer care calls start with a simple greeting[…]

5 Confidence Boosters Your Team Needs Right Now

Do you have employees who want to succeed but seem full of doubt, insecurities and indecision? Are they bringing down the workplace mood?  Low self-confidence is not only bad for morale but also for business. […]

Upcoming Events

Goodman Technical Training is pleased to invite all Dealers and Distributors to the following technical webinars for September 2021. These webinars will be 120-minute specific equipment presentations. We are confident all selected webinars will provide[…]

Top 5 Ways to Lose Customers (And the Solutions for Bringing Them Back)

Ever wonder how people initially choose an HVAC company and become repeat customers? Wonder why your company isn’t getting glowing endorsements on social media? Curious about why other companies have a robust local following? Customer[…]

Fast Service, Slow Payments: Managing Customers Who Don’t Pay

Customers expect HVAC companies to be on time, quick and efficient. What should you expect in return? Payment. Sadly, so many customers “forget” that part of the transaction. Payment can be a touchy subject. Some[…]

Earning (and Keeping) HVAC Customer Trust

Merriam-Webster Trust (noun) 1a: Assured reliance on the character, ability, strength or truth of someone or something1b: One in which confidence is placed HVAC business owners know their companies depend on customer trust for success. Shady HVAC[…]

Maintenance Agreements – A Win-Win for Everyone

Smart HVAC business owners know maintenance agreements are beneficial for both the company and its clients. For HVAC companies, maintenance agreements provide a more substantial customer base.  For homeowners, they reduce the worry that comes[…]