EverRest Partner: Gainer Partners

Gainer Partners is a dedicated EverRest Partner. We complement the EverRest offerings by adding a full-service finance, training, & business solutions platform. That means we do 3 things really well.

  1. Train contractors to close more sales by offering financing to homeowners and commercial customers in a simple and effective way.
  2. Partner with manufacturers and distributors to set up straight-forward sales & finance training for distributor TMs and contractors.
  3. Help home improvement contractors do better business by offering best-value business solutions and practices.

Our Program

Our practical financing platform has contractor selling options for good credit homeowners, bad credit homeowners, and business customers. We have a 5- minute application process, instant approvals, no-dealer-fee loans, sales rep rewards programs, and an amazing rate sheet.

TMs who buy into our program will learn how to ADD VALUE to their contractors, which means that their contractors won’t jump when a competitor offers promotional pricing or volume rebates.

Distributors who partner with Gainer benefit from our unique nation-wide market perspective, a customized white-label finance platform, and a best-in-class training program. They can expect to see better contractor retention, more high-efficiency sales, and more satisfied TMs.

Contractors who follow our program will sell more high-efficiency systems, more IAQ, more ductwork and duct cleanings, and more maintenance agreements. Which means that they’ll make more money.

Our Guarantee

If we do not offer the best & easiest finance training you’ve ever been a part of, we’ll never bother you again.

To become a partner contact:
Rob Noll
(865) 207-6834


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